MyChoiceTV™ is a proudly Kenyan mobile-first Video On Demand (VOD) Service offering Films, Television Programmes, Music Videos and other Video Content on Smart Devices; including Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Televisions, Set Top Boxes, Gaming Consoles and any other Viewing Devices, via the Internet, on a Rental (TVOD) and a Purchase (EST) basis, across Africa and the World.
Our Vision: An Entertainment Industry in Africa, where Customers can conveniently Access the Content of their Choice and Creators can Access a Global Audience.
Our Mission: To conveniently Connect each Customer globally, with the Content (that Inspires, Educates & Entertains) of their Choice; whilst

equitably Remunerating the Rights Holders from Africa and the World.

Our Objectives, are to:

1. Build longterm Relationships with our Customers and Clients, by providing exceptional Value in Content (that Inspires, Educates & Entertains) and User Experience, via continuous Engagement and Innovation.
2. Retain Customers and expand Recruitment, by offering Content based on their Preferences; thereby, Living up to our Brand Promise of My Choice: Anything (variety), Anywhere (accessibility), Anytime (convenience) – Personalised to each Customer, via their Viewing Habits and Feedback, as well as deep Social Media Integration.
3. Equitably Monetise local Content, in addition to international, for the Benefit of all Rights Holders.
4. Work with all Stakeholders, for the Protection of Intellectual Property, and Eradication of Piracy.


1. Non-Exclusivity, so that You have the Freedom to maximise Revenue.
2. Sharing the Revenue with You 50:50.
3. Partnering with You to Title Market your Content across Africa and its Diaspora.
4. Collaborating on Anti-Piracy with Governments and Industries.
5. Committing 10% of our annual Profit to a Film Fund.


1. Free to Join.
2. No monthly Subscription.
3. Pay for Only what you Watch, via Rental or Purchase (#OwnForLife™).
4. Download on “free” WiFi, to Watch Offline (#SaveMyData).
5. Films you’ve been Unable to Find anywhere (#FilmRequest).
6. Convenient payments via Mobile Money, Debit Card or Credit Card.

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